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Mind Trip Productions

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Tel: (786) 463-8747

Join us as we help educate the masses that opportunity and success are frames of the mind that can be created by anyone at anytime

In January 2011, Mind Trip Productions and Quiet Harbor events will launch, what hopes to be, one of the most widely covered events of 2011 – Michelle & Gail will tour the United States, visiting a vast array of Holistic/New Age Expos, Local shops and spiritually driven people across the country! Their mission is to educate the masses that opportunity and success are frames of the mind that can be created by anyone at anytime and that once the tools required are set in place, that there are no limits to what can be accomplished! Every stop along the way, they will be asking (and answering) the same question...
"Where is your Mind Trip Taking you?"

The entire experience will be documented on video and weekly clips posted on you tube throughout the year, while they spread the news and help educate people about the importance of a positive mind to help conquer the thoughts that can hold us back from being who we truly are and hope to be.

Michelle and Gail are currently booking vendor space at events & expos as well as workshops & services at local centers/Shops & homes.

Where the Tour is going

January - Massachusetts & Upstate NY, February - Florida & North Carolina, March - Pennsylvania, Ohio & Arkansas, April - Missouri, Ohio & Vermont, May – Vermont, New Hampshire & Tennessee, June – Colorado, July – TBD, August – TBD, September & October – California, Arizona & New Mexico, November & December – TBD

How You Can Help

This may be the perfect opportunity for nationwide exposure for any of you who wish to sponsor The Mind Trip Tour while it's in your area. Sponsorship can include anything from offering a place for a hot shower, recommending local points of interest, Providing information on upcoming Health/Wellness/new Age expos, Hosting a class or workshop at your place of business or home or even making a donation towards the Journey.

Workshops, Services & Products Available

While on the road, Michelle and Gail have so much to share, including: Hypnosis Workshops, Hypnotically Guided Reiki Attunements, Numerology Workshops, Pendulum workshops, Private Hypnosis Sessions, Past Life Regression, Intuitive Readings (with the Pendulum & Tarot), Recording Studio/Digital Mastering & Publication Services, Event Promotion Services (web listings, email blasts & personalized promotional services), Self Hypnosis Recordings (CD and mp3 format), Personalized Hypnosis Recordings (CD and mp3 format),  Gemstones, Gemstone Pendulums & Gemstone Jewelry.

About Us

Michelle Meleo is an intuitive hypnotherapist, and inspirational public speaker. She is the former CEO of Beautiful Healing and founder of Mind Trip Productions. Michelle has been writing and recording her own work for over 10 years and has approximately 10,000 CD's sold worldwide. She is looking forward to learning about the differences and similarities in culture and beliefs across the country and hopes to meet those who have purchased her products throughout the years to hear their success stories. To learn more about Michelle and mind Trip Productions, visit her website at

Gail Frey is a well-known event coordinator/Promoter & intuitive healer, and will be coordinating most of the events along the way. She is the founder of Quiet Harbor Events & Wellness and Hosts well known holistic teachers like Ravi Ratan and the Peruvian Shamans. Gail is also a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher and will be traveling to Peru throughout some of the year to learn their language and more! She hopes to share some of the Peruvian healing techniques with you! To learn more about Gail and Quiet Harbor Events & Wellness, visit her website at

If you would like to Follow Michelle & Gail on this year long journey, visit the official tour website at: