Monday, December 31, 2012

5 Tips to an energetically aligned 2013

I don't know about you, but this year has whirled by me like A fast forward button!

So many wonderful experiences and opportunities have graced 2012 for me that I often times wished I'd had a pause button so that I could stop for awhile and savor them!

I hope that your holidays were also filled with pleasant memories of this year and that you were able to reminiscent with the one's you love.

As 2012 comes to an end, and I begin my ritualistic, year end cleansing, I find myself reflecting on this past years accomplishments and lessons. I am also preparing my home(the place where I spend most of my time), so that it matches my desires for 2013 on an energetic level!

Here are five tips that you can use, to create a shift in your home as well!

5 Tips to an energetically aligned 2013!

Clear the clutter

Many of us have adopted the practice of giving our living space a good scrub down in the Spring & Fall, but how many of us think to give the home a top to bottom clean for the New Year?

For me, a good old fashioned house cleaning has always followed the holiday season. It was only recently, however, that I realized the significance of my New Year tradition.

Make it your tradition this year, as you clean up and put away the holiday decorations, to give the energy of 2012, a special send off! Clean with the intention this year, that you are making way for new opportunities, new memories and a new energy to the sacred space that you call home!

You can even adopt some "New Year" cleaning traditions of your own like cleaning with special water that has been blessed, or even playing some fun and energetic goodbye music as you scrub away!

Clear The Energy

Clearing and cleansing old, stale energy is a perfect way to remove the energetic remains of 2012 and make way for the new!

I love to burn White Sage in my house on a regular basis, to clear the energetic debris. During my new year cleanup, you can bet that the newly cleaned home gets a complete smudge!

My preferred method of smudging is to begin at the front door and walk around the house in a counter clockwise circle, traveling from room to room. As I come to each room, I follow the same pattern by walking around the room in a counter clockwise circle and moving on to the next room until I am back at the front door again.

If you do not like the smell of the burning sage, you can use braided sweet-grass instead, or cut out the smoke all together by using a room clearing spray mist.

Set your intentions

What type of New Year rituals do you usually follow? For many, I'm sure that welcoming 2013 will involve attending a New Years celebration with friends and family, and that you'll probably make a resolution or two

I suggest that you bump it up a notch this year by creating your own personal ritual filled with focused intention for 2013.

A personal New Years ritual to set your intentions for the new year, do not have to replace your special celebration with family and friends. Instead, adopt a special ritual that you can do in addition to them. Something that is specifically focused on your goals for the new year.

You could light a fire outside and quietly reflect on the past years accomplishments  while focusing on what you'd like to bring in to your life for 2013, or perhaps you could make a Vision Board and create your own unique work of art that proudly displays your goals throughout the year.

This year, I have my altar all ready to burn my special New Years candle created by The Mystical Moons very own, Crystal Childs! I am really looking forward to adopting this new ritual to set my intentions for 2013!

Set the mood

I like to use feng shui in my home to help create a healthy flow of energy throughout the house and During the time of New Years, I like to re-vamp and refresh the feng shui to reflect my intentions for the year to come.

Here are some of my favorite feng shui tips for smooth flowing chi, throughout the year:

  • Place a live plant in the far left corner of your house to bring abundance and prosperity.
  • If you are looking to bring in or enhance your love life, set the mood by lighting a candle (supervised of course) or hanging a crystal in the far right corner of your home.
  • To bring success to your resolution of weight loss in 2013, steer clear of reds and oranges in the kitchen. Instead, create a less stimulating environment by toning it down with light blues and yellows. This will calm the appetite, while enhancing the cooking and eating experience.
  • Be mindful to keep your toilet seats down, to help keep your money from flowing out the door.
  • These are just a few examples, use your imagination and have fun!

Put a plan in place, to keep you focused throughout the year

Whether it's a calendar that you have created, that outlines your 2013 intentions for the New Year, your vision board, or a special program that you subscribe to - having a plan in place is key to successfully manifesting your desires for the new year!

I have used vision boards in the past, and have had some great results with them, but this year I am eager to get started with Goddess Leonie's 2013 Create Your Incredible Year workbook, planner & calendar!

Goddess Leonie has inspired much of my growth this year and I look forward to keeping you updated on my progress throughout 2013!

If you'd like to adopt any of these tips into your New Years traditions, you can find everything you need in my online store! Most of all, have fun, enjoy every moment and love without reservation this year!

Wishing you and yours a blessed and prosperous 2013!

Be Well,

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Store Specials

Friday, November 9, 2012

Naples Princess Cruise Line Psychic and Wellness Cruise

Tuesday, November 13th 
11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Come join us for a day of fun, insights and relaxation while cruising on the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico! Once aboard you will have the opportunity to sign up for psychic readings, tarot card readings, past life readings, animal communication (bring a picture of your pet), playing card readings, chair massage and Reiki - energy healing for relaxation. 

Our local and gifted practitioners are:

Barbara Havens – Psychic Medium - Angelic, Ascended Masters and Loved Ones Readings

Beth Rinella – Psychic - Past Life Readings

Carol Anderssen - Reiki

Christar Damiano - Chair Massage MA37258

Christine Johnson Lee - Animal Communication

Christopher Cook – Tarot & Spiritual Guidance

Crystal Childs - Psychic, Spirit Communicator - Palm & Playing Card Readings

Jo Ellen Lundin, MSW, PhD – Intuitive & Past Life Readings

Laurie Barraco - Psychic, Medium & Soul Readings

Michelle Meleo - Psychic Medium - Card Readings

Pam Bregar - Mediumship

Tamara Dobbs –Tarot Readings & Mediumship  

Tracy Nagot – Chair Massage & Reiki MA 38838

Zachari VanDyne – Intuitive Visionary & Modern Day Oracle

Readings are $20 per 20 minutes. Cash, MC, VISA, DISCOVER Accepted! 

We will also be offering a shopping opportunity of hand created jewelry and other gifts! 

The fee for the cruise is $38 per person - includes lunch and herbal teas. Cash bar available.

Please contact Naples Princess Cruise Line to make reservations or call:  239-649-2275

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Autumn Update 2012

Autumn Greetings!

The weather here in Florida, is a bit different than the Autumn's of my past. During this time of year, my thoughts wonder off to the warm colors and spicy fragrances of New England in the Fall, and although I do miss this time of year in New England, I do not miss the warning it brings. The warning that the Winter months are coming soon and that the warm summer nights will surely fade with each leave that drops from the trees!

I look forward to my Winter here, on the beach and spending the upcoming Florida-Festival Season with the wonderful new friends that I have met along this journey!

For those of you who are still in the cooler States, I know all too well, the other ugly things that the cold can bring....and Dare I say it??? 

Things like Depression...lack of self motivation and lowered self esteem. The current economy doesn't help either, as I am noticing more and more of my clients expressing their concerns, as they look for work and do their best to keep a float during these tough times.

I have put together a list of tips that can prove helpful, and help you create a mindset of success and self confidence, during these trying times! Check out this past week's Video from my weekly broadcast on The Mystical Moon's channel, "Life on The Moon"

(Be gentle, as this was my VERY first live Video broadcast!)  hehehe
Video streaming by Ustream
I will be broadcasting LIVE, every Tuesday at 1:00pm EST (and I'm sure they will get better)

Thank you for all of your love and support & wishing you a blessed Autumn!


Upcoming Events - October 2012

October 5-7 2012 - Everybody's A Psychic(weekend retreat)

I will be vending at this event, displaying a great selection of Pendulums, Witches Runes, Tarot Decks, Framed Tarot Art & Featuring my new CD " Psychic Acceleration"/hypnosis to increase your psychic abilities! I will also be hosting the "Increase your psychic abilities with Hypnosis" workshop! 
(click the picture for more details)

October 13, 2012 (11am to 5pm)

The Mystical Moon's Monthly Psychic Faire

Join us for our monthly Psychic Faire where we offer services at a discounted rate!

Readings 20 min ~ $20
Reiki, Angel Messages and Healings and Spirit Portraits 25 min ~ $25

Crystal Childs
Michelle Meleo
Lorraine Smith
Candyce Strafford
Pam Bzoch
Joanna Salerno
Jodi LaMure
Addy Palmer
Sophia Prescott
Bethanny Gonzalez

Walk ins are welcomed ~ you may also call ahead to reserve your appointment as we usually completely fill up :)
239 939-3339

October 17-21st, 2012 -Autumn Meet!

I am PROUD to be listed as a featured speaker at this event! I'll be hosting the Increase your psychic abilities & make your own set of witches runes workshops, as well as the grounding your energy into mother earth meditation! Stop in to say Hi, check out the lovely variety of spiritual products that I'll be vending, or to take a look at my new Four Steps to Success Program!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Your Four Steps to Success e course

Introducing "Your Four Steps to Success" e-course!

I hope all is well with you. Things are really taking off here, as I've been a busy bee - putting together the finishing touches to the in person, tele, and e-course material for  "Your Four Steps to Success" program!

I'm happy to say that It is all finally up and running! 

Wooo Hooo!

The e-course contains all of the juicy material that you'd get while working with me one on one, but at a fraction of the cost! By now, you may be asking yourself:

What is "Your Four Steps to Success"?

Your four steps to success is a program designed to help you create a positive outcome in life, by helping you discover and discard the blocks that hinder your progress. Once these blocks are removed, The four steps help you to create a new way of thinking and ways to shift your energy towards success. 

The program is comprised of four simple steps, that when used along with the recommended tools of self-hypnosis, guided meditations, energy work and vibration therapies, can create profound results!

The e-course is an easy and affordable way to make success an outcome in your life, instead of an option!

Purchase all of the course material now for only $70.00

Your Four Steps to Success e-course
Introducing - Your Four Steps to Success E Course Program:  
Michelle understands today's fast paced lifestyle and that it is not always easy to keep a strict schedule. For those of you who prefer to progress at a pace that is comfortable to you, and from the convenience of home, “Your Four Steps to Success” is now as an e course!
Your e course includes:
Your Four Steps to Success, weeks one - four mp3 hypnosis downloads
Four hours of instructional video to guide you (sent weekly to your inbox)
“Your Four Steps to Success” Workbook PDF download
lifetime membership to the online classroom and access to the success discussion group!

*The workbook and mp3 download's are available immediately! You will receive a welcome email within 24 hours of your purchase along with step one email. You will receive three more emails on a weekly basis after that!

How this e course can help you to succeed:
Following a one month program is, by far, the most effective way to fast track your way to personal Success!
Whether you’d like to create success in your Personal Life, Career, or Health
, the first step is to have a plan or program in place. Michelle’s personalized success e course, follows her four basic steps to creating a successful outcome. As you work through your personal success program, you’ll begin to release old beliefs and create a new foundation that manifests results!

The Four Steps to Success:
  • Step 1: Recognize - Personal Assessment
  • Step 2: Remove - Let go of old beliefs & emotional attachments
  • Step 3: Replace  -  Create a new, success driven, belief system
  • Step 4: Receive -  Give yourself permission to be open to receive success

What others are saying about the program:

My name is Fiona Finn and I am pleased to recommend the "Your Four Steps to Success Work book and program."  I recently finished the entire program with Michelle Meleo, an intuitive hypnotherapist.  Trust me I was not confident that using hypnosis could really help me let alone achieve my goals.  But once you focus on a set goal you will break down the program into four easy steps.  1.   Recognize (a complete personal assessment), 2.  Remove (letting go of what it blocking you from attaining your goal), 3.  Replace (shifting your thoughts to line up with your desired outcome), and 4.  Receive (finally getting out of your own way).  Finally I was able to focus entirely on myself with the aid of "YOUR FOUR STEPS TO SUCCESS WORKBOOK" and one on one guidance from Michelle.  I have never felt so fresh and alert and ready to achieve my goals!  Don't delay taking the first step toward changing your life to the one you have been day dreaming about!  Order today, you won't regret it!

Are you ready to write your success story?
Sign up today and watch your success create itself easily & effortlessly!

I look forward to walking the steps alongside you!
Be well,

About Michelle:
Michelle is the founder of  Mind Trip Productions, an intuitive hypnotherapist, and inspirational public speaker. She brings more than 10 years experience, helping others to realize the power of their own worth and the freedom that releasing old patterns has to offer, by helping them change their own thoughts on a subconscious level.
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Monday, September 3, 2012

1970's Flower Child or 2013's Most Inspirational Woman?

My parents have always told me that I am a true "flower child" and that I was born to late to find my true calling! The conversation is usually preceded with talks of me driving around in a Volkswagen bug, decorated with large flowers, dragonflies and such. 
I could relate to that!

But as I hustle around this month, putting all of the finishing touches to my projects for the rest of this year, I am filled with energy and a new sense of who I am and what I'd really like to be when I grow up! As many of you may know... Mysticism, peace, love & harmony have always been my life calling(thus the flower child notion) and in the later months of 2010, the free spirited flower child in me, had an incredible spiritual message from the universe to go forth and share the love!

I did not know how I would share, or even where. I only knew in my heart of hearts that I had to leave my life as I knew it, buy a camper and travel the United States and help others to realize the power of their own mind.

Here is one of the video's I made while "on the road"
Long Story Short... The Camper I purchased broke down on the eve of my departure, So I was forced to take the trip in my car and I ran out of money before I could finish the East Coast portion of the trip..bummer right? WRONG! Some pretty wonderful things happened along the way, that ultimately led me to where I am today and that's exactly what my message to the world is all about!
  1. I met and fell in love with my soul mate along the way. (If my camper was not a POS/it never would have happened)
  2. I settled in FL...the sunshine state, where we are both close to our parents.(granting me the convenience of being close to my mother for her sudden/unexpected illness)
  3. I now work with some of the most amazing women in the world, who are on the same path as I am! (This has also provided the opportunity for me to write my book and develop my Four Steps to Success Program)
  4. I am now a full time flower child...helping others to realize the power of their own mind/worth and it is my FULL TIME CAREER! 
It's about finding your own place in the world...It's about finding love....finding happiness....finding success...finding all these and more, and allowing yourself to be finally free from all that keeps you from this. It's about realizing that when you put your mind to something, sometimes the change will come easy and at other times, The rug will be pulled out from under you...causing you to crash to the ground and finally look at things from a different perspective! To learn more about how you can find your way to Success in life, visit my website! As always, thanks for reading my blog! More to come.... Be well, Michelle

Friday, August 24, 2012

Your Four Steps to Success - Workbook is now published!!

Your Four Steps to Success - Workbook

By: Michelle Meleo

I am thrilled to announce the recent publication of ...
"Your Four Steps to Success - Workbook"
I have witnessed life changing results in my personal practice, from working these steps with my clients and now you can experience your own personal success from the convenience of home!
Following this four step program is by far the most effective way to fast track your way to personal success. Whether you'd like to create success in your relationships, work or health, you must first have a plan or program in place. "Your Four Steps to Success"-Workbook follows four basic steps to creating a successful outcome and 
YOU CAN ACHIEVE THIS IN AS LITTLE AS ONE MONTH! As you work your personal success program, the workbook walks you through easily; providing tips and guidance on how to use the tools suggested!
The tools:
Hypnosis/Deep Meditation
Vibrational/Energy therapies

Learn how to shift your thoughts and personal vibration that you send out into the world, by releasing old beliefs and creating a new foundation that manifests SUCCESS!

This workbook accompanies my upcoming book "Your Four Steps to Success" which will be published soon...
get a jump start towards your personal success and order now! I am so sure that his program can help you that I am taking a loss right out of the gate!! Purchase today - and I'll forfeit my commission on the sale...that's right!
I am so confident for your success that, for the next two weeks, I'm selling copies for only $12.99!
(estimated delivery date - Sept. 15th 2012)


Check out this Pre- Launch Special

(Limited to the first 100 purchases)
Your workbook will be signed personally by me!
You'll gain FREE access to my online classroom!
 and there's more!
THREE lucky people will also be chosen to participate in the four step online video course!
(your name is entered into the drawing once for every copy purchased)

I also invite you to join in our pre-launch party on facebook, where I'll be providing tips and answering any questions that you might have. To join us, click the facebook link below, or join me on twitter so to receive updates!

There is so much more to come with this amazing program and I was going to keep it secret and surprise you, but I just can't hold it any longer!!!
At some point during the pre-launch party on facebook...I'll be giving away the four mp3's that accompany the book and workbook, as well as discounts on the Cd's and a FREE copy of the book!
to go directly to the online launch!

Whew! that was quite a mouthful, but as you can see, I am very excited about sharing this with you and look forward to assisting you
"to the top of the stairs"
May you find success in all that you set out to do!
Be well,

Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Product/Service launch! Your Mind Trip to Success Workbook and 4 week program!

I am thrilled to announce that I have finally completed my interactive workbook and it will soon be on the way to the publisher!

The new workbook is called
"Your Mind Trip to Success"

The workbook is based on my work, as an intuitive hypnotherapist, over the last few years, helping others to overcome obstacles and attract a successful outcome in their lives.

I've finally brought all of the information together to create a program which can be used by everyone!

 Now you can learn how to create your own personal success with the use of 4 easy steps! 

Following this four step program is, by far, the most effective way to fast track your way to personal success! Whether you’d like to create success in your Personal Relationships, Business, or Health, you must first have a plan or program in place. Michelle’s four keys success program, follows four basic steps to creating a successful outcome. As you work through your personal success program, you’ll begin to release old beliefs and create a new foundation that manifests results!

Now for the GOOD stuff!
For a limited time and only to the first 25 people to purchase....
I am offering...
Your Mind Trip to Success - Online Program

for only!

your purchase includes:

  • 48 page interactive catalog (PDF)
  • one FREE email assessment reading with Michelle
  • four email sessions with Michelle(one per week/per step)

This program will sell for $150.00 
on the official launch in August!
AND this offer is limited to the first 25 customers!

I look forward to assisting you with your goals!
Be well,