Monday, April 2, 2012

Get to know Michelle - The psychic

As you already know, I am a natural intuitive
 It took me many years to figure that one out for myself...

Long before I discovered that an open mind and clear channel is all that is required to tap into the universal knowledge base, I used Tarot cards.
boy... do I love the Tarot!
The Tarot is a great tool for divination...

Because each card tells a story without words...
Buckland Romani Tarot

Tarot cards can be used for meditation and Magickal workings!
Celtic Tarot

Heck...I even frame mine to display on my walls as works of art!
William Blake Tarot

The story of how I acquired my first deck, is still debatable according to my parents. So I will tell it as I remember it, and as I have told it many times before. I was twelve years old and I remember looking up into the dining room closet - yes, I said Dining Room Closet!. Our dining room, as did many of the older New England style homes, had a closet. This closet in days gone by had been used to house extra dinner plates, linens and such. Ours contained a television that my Dad had wired up for cable and had shelves above the television, for all of his computer programming reference material and books. So... I am looking up at the books for some reason, and there, shining brightly for me to see, is the "Tarot Cards for Fun and Fortune Telling" Tarot box set! It looked so mysterious.

I knew it contained a tarot deck...As I remember it, my aunt had given the box set to my parents as a holiday gift. Aunt Dottie was a gifted reader and spiritualist. In my eyes, she was the 1970's version of a gypsy...tall, thin, long dark hair and mysterious eyes that seemed to look right into your soul. Whenever my mother and aunts would get together, Aunt Dottie would read for them and teach them how to read for themselves.

I would listen in on those mystical meetings of the sisters...Listen and learn all that I could. Aunt Dottie would tell them how and where to acquire a Tarot to store it and keep it free from negative energy. She would explain each cards meaning as it was laid out in their individual spread and I would listen...absorbing all the information that I could, for that one special day that I had a deck of my own to read from.

And, as I looked up at this brand new, unopened box kit...I knew that today was the day! The day that I would have these magickal cards for my very own. How do I convince my parents that I must have this deck? I asked myself. After all, it was not gifted to me. It did not belong to me! Surely, they know the value of the magick and mystery that lies within them and surely, they will not part with them!

Before I could begin to reason this out in my mind, I had reached up, snagged the box from it's hiding place and ran excitedly to my parents yelling "Mom...Dad...can I have these? Can I? Can I?..Huh Huh?" (ahhh...the wonders of being twelve and impulsive!)

Much to my surprise, they nonchalantly answered..............yes

 And thus began my Tarot career

IJJ Swiss Tarot
I was so excited that I barely remember opening the package, which contained a hardcover book and Tarot Deck. The IJJ Swiss Tarot Deck, to be exact! All of the cards in this deck are in French and at my impressionable age, I mastered the language in no time! Who knows, it may come in handy someday when I am looking for the mansion of destruction in France!

I read the book(which was written in English - thank goodness!) from front to back and followed along as any good student would. Following each step, just as the book described. I studied and I learned. I kept my cards safe from negative energies by wrapping them in a blue boy scout scarf. (note to self: where did that scarf come from? I must have borrowed it from my brother, perhaps?")

Finally the time came for me to give readings! I would read for my brother, my sister and my friends. By the time I reached High school, I had built a following that would advance my career to a professional level! Well, at least in my eyes it was professional.

You see, I would read for one or two schoolmates in the cafeteria, during lunch - whoever had scheduled a reading with me that day- and I would charge them a slice of pizza and fries!(or enough money to purchase lunch for myself).

Most of the questions asked were about relationships and classes and included questions like;  "does he/she like me?", "Will we break up?", and "What will happen if I drop/take this class?". My most memorable High school cafeteria reading was a reading that I did for a friend who was in a long term relationship. You know... the couple that had been together through all of high school and were destined to last forever? We were at the end of senior year and I pulled the pregnancy card! They both responded with a bold...NO WAY, you are so wrong Michelle!

Well, as it turned out, they were pregnant and knew it! I ran into them shortly after graduation and they both confessed to me that they were in fact going to have a baby and planned to be married, but didn't want anyone to know until after graduation. Oooops! I sometimes wonder how they are doing today and if they remember the reading as vividly as I do.

After High school, I would continue to read cards along side my full time job as a hairdresser. Some readings would be for free, others for a small fee and my early years would include the occasional Tarot party or two.

I now read and teach as a full time professional in the field - along with other sorted intuitive products and services and my heart is filled with gratitude as I look back at the memories of a nosy little twelve year old!

Thank you for reading my blog - There is more to come...

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