Thursday, May 10, 2012

Get to know Michelle - The hypnotherapist

Paging Dr. Michelle....
We have a code Boo Hoo and EVERYONE needs you....

Please report immediately to the head of your family..
Dr. Michelle? are you there?

hello?...what do you mean, your working on yourself?

I've learned first hand how difficult divorce can be. In fact, I am quite surprised at myself, as I write this blog post....I write something, then hit bkSp...bkSp...etc. Then I write something else, then hit bkSp...bkSp...etc. you get the picture.

I thought I would begin by telling you how wonderful that I thought my life was when I was married. Figured I'd let you know how active my three children were in sports and social activities and how much I enjoyed being the best mother that I possibly could to them. Then I was going to share my sweet memories of family and household...

But that is a distant memory...and a really bad one at that. The fact of the matter is that I spent twelve years "faking" a happy family scenario, Pretending that I was living the dream, while the whole time (behind the scenes of course) I was barely keeping it together. I spent most of those years hiding my husbands sociopath personality and his long term battle with addiction.

During our tenth year of marriage, I really believed that we had made it through the tough stuff and that life was getting on track. Boy, my intuition was WAY off on that one. As it turned out, I could not have been further from the truth and the only thing that had changed was that my husband had finally mastered the art of hiding it from me....completely.

His addiction problem had escalated to cocaine and heroin use - on a daily basis! he had a separate life during the day, complete with an apartment, girlfriend and loads of addicted friends to share his time with. In the evening, he would come home to us, his family...late at night of course, claiming that his business had kept him working late again.

My life had turned into a made for television daytime movie and I'm sure that you are thinking that I walked away at that very moment! I didn't...I couldn't, because for some unexplained reason, I was frozen with fear!

I spent the next two years doing everything in my power to save my husband from this dis-ease! I took a fast track doctorate class on Natural Medicine and Chinese Herbology...Received my Reiki I, II and master certification...Went to al-anon, narc-anon, AA, and NA.

I prepared herbal formulas for him
I performed Reiki on him
I went to so many meetings that I had myself convinced that I was an addict!

None of it worked, and as the relationship continued to spiral out of control, my family continued to fall apart and my friends walked away for fear of watching me slowly wither into a pile of nothing, I decided to make one last ditch effort towards saving this man and our family.

I had decided to become a hypnotherapist.

This would surely help, I thought to myself. I could then hypnotize him to quit drugs and learn to love us!

Did you know that you can become a clinical Hypnotherapist in one weekend? It's quite costly and you have to stay in a hotel for the entire weekend, with classes all day and studying into the wee hours of the night! If that isn't enough, you have to pass a grueling exam! It is quite a feat, but if you are determined, It can be done!

I spent that weekend, absorbing every inch of information into every cell of my being - after all, it was my last chance to save my husband and get things back to "normal" and I was determined to walk away with the answers. During that intense weekend of study, I learned the practical applications of hypnosis, what it is, how it works and how to hypnotize someone!

This weekend also involved practical application of every technique available! I performed hypnosis and received hypnosis over and over again. It wasn't until the end of the last day, that I had my big "AHA" moment. Our instructor, as she probably did at the end of every class, said that it was important for us to clear up anything that is blocking us from our true potential. It was important because, if we were going to be helping others to break free from the emotional bonds that keep them stuck, we should be free of our own emotional bonds - so that we could be the best we could be.

I walked away from that session with a strange sense of inner peace. It felt "weird" to me, I think because I had never felt inner peace before that moment. I has also realized that all the work that I had been doing over the past two years wasn't meant for my husband...It was meant for me!

I also knew that it was time for me to move on and walk away! I went home, told my husband that I thought it would be best if we went our separate ways. I spoke calmly and effectively and although it was a tough and dangerous divorce, I never looked back!

That was eleven years ago and I have spent those years helping others to realize the power of their own worth and the freedom that forgiveness has to offer, by helping them change their own thought patterns through hypnosis. I speak publicly on the subject and conduct TeleClasses(most of which are free). I also have written and recorded dozens of hypnosis CD's and mp3's! My recordings have been sold throughout the world and I am honored to hear the success stories from those who have had profound results with my help!

I am grateful for this profound life experience and I am thankful to my now ex-husband for sending me in the right direction! If it weren't for him, I would have not learned, or grown so much as a person!

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