Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Autumn Update 2012

Autumn Greetings!

The weather here in Florida, is a bit different than the Autumn's of my past. During this time of year, my thoughts wonder off to the warm colors and spicy fragrances of New England in the Fall, and although I do miss this time of year in New England, I do not miss the warning it brings. The warning that the Winter months are coming soon and that the warm summer nights will surely fade with each leave that drops from the trees!

I look forward to my Winter here, on the beach and spending the upcoming Florida-Festival Season with the wonderful new friends that I have met along this journey!

For those of you who are still in the cooler States, I know all too well, the other ugly things that the cold can bring....and Dare I say it??? 

Things like Depression...lack of self motivation and lowered self esteem. The current economy doesn't help either, as I am noticing more and more of my clients expressing their concerns, as they look for work and do their best to keep a float during these tough times.

I have put together a list of tips that can prove helpful, and help you create a mindset of success and self confidence, during these trying times! Check out this past week's Video from my weekly broadcast on The Mystical Moon's channel, "Life on The Moon"

(Be gentle, as this was my VERY first live Video broadcast!)  hehehe
Video streaming by Ustream
I will be broadcasting LIVE, every Tuesday at 1:00pm EST (and I'm sure they will get better)

Thank you for all of your love and support & wishing you a blessed Autumn!


Upcoming Events - October 2012

October 5-7 2012 - Everybody's A Psychic(weekend retreat)

I will be vending at this event, displaying a great selection of Pendulums, Witches Runes, Tarot Decks, Framed Tarot Art & Featuring my new CD " Psychic Acceleration"/hypnosis to increase your psychic abilities! I will also be hosting the "Increase your psychic abilities with Hypnosis" workshop! 
(click the picture for more details)

October 13, 2012 (11am to 5pm)

The Mystical Moon's Monthly Psychic Faire

Join us for our monthly Psychic Faire where we offer services at a discounted rate!

Readings 20 min ~ $20
Reiki, Angel Messages and Healings and Spirit Portraits 25 min ~ $25

Crystal Childs
Michelle Meleo
Lorraine Smith
Candyce Strafford
Pam Bzoch
Joanna Salerno
Jodi LaMure
Addy Palmer
Sophia Prescott
Bethanny Gonzalez

Walk ins are welcomed ~ you may also call ahead to reserve your appointment as we usually completely fill up :)
239 939-3339

October 17-21st, 2012 -Autumn Meet!

I am PROUD to be listed as a featured speaker at this event! I'll be hosting the Increase your psychic abilities & make your own set of witches runes workshops, as well as the grounding your energy into mother earth meditation! Stop in to say Hi, check out the lovely variety of spiritual products that I'll be vending, or to take a look at my new Four Steps to Success Program!