Saturday, February 2, 2013

Setting Healthy and Loving Boundaries

Enter the NEW YEAR 2013!

I was off and running straight out the gate!
I was on fire and in the lead of my own life...running swift, smooth, almost floating on air...
Finally finishing projects that I had promised myself I would do for years!
Things that I had put off for way to long and had set aside until...
Well, there was always an until in 2012!

But this year was going to be different, or so I thought - and almost as soon as I could see that bright yellow finish line, those who I have trained extremely well at needing me more that I could ever need myself, almost threw themselves in front of me, tripping me up with:

My life really sucks and I NEED you to stop what you are doing right now and help me!

So I paused for a moment...and with much love in my heart and peace in my soul said "I'm really sorry that I can't help you, but I promised myself that I wouldn't sell myself short this year and falter from my own needs, like I did last year"

and it feels good...really good! Much to my surprise, most people are fine with this response. The ones' that are not, I'm sure will eventually come around - but if they don't I will stay on track. Because it is so important to me to be an active participant in my own own success.

I also made a important realization. I realized that when I do not set healthy boundaries, I am not actually helping anybody at all! I'm creating a detrimental block for both myself and the person I am helping by keeping both of us from experiencing personal growth.

Learning how to set boundaries was (and still is)my most difficult task AND the most important one for me this year!

I am still in the baby phases and learning, but it feels good to use this tiny yet powerful phrase to help me set healthy boundaries..

Try it yourself today! The next time one of your boundary breakers steps in, simply say:
"I'm really sorry that I cannot , but I promised myself that I would not and falter from my own needs like I did before."

Special thanks to Stephanie Ward - Firefly Coaching for her free report on setting healthy boundaries!
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