Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A FREE Gift to help with your harvest!

Blessed Lammas Eve!

As we prepare for yet another harvest season, I hope that yours will be filled with prosperity and abundance.For the many of you who know me well, know that I can sometimes throw myself into a funnel of projects - many times multitasking as much as I can possibly get into one day....and I can easily get lost in it!

I like to call it my "Spiritual ADD"

For me, my spiritual ADD, is a good thing as it keeps me moving and helping others to move forward with their personal hopes and dreams as well! So, THANK YOU for understanding the complexity of me and accepting the fact that I do not always stay on a schedule of blog posting, emailing, etc....It's just not me - but you can bet that when something moves me, I'm on it and eager to share it with you all!!

In fact, that is what drives me here today - in eager anticipation of my newest project that I've created specifically for the Leaders, Teachers and Entrepreneurs of our spiritual community....a program that is sure to change the way we do business forever. One that will rocket launch your message, teachings and voice in front of a GLOBAL AUDIENCE with your digital goods! All this so you can:

"Stand Out As A Spiritual Expert"

But before I share the details with you, I'd like to tell you about the events that have lead up to this unique blog post....It is an interesting story indeed;

A couple of weeks ago, one of my dearest friends and spiritual colleagues came down from out of state for a working vacation. The Spiritual Shop that I work out of is extremely successful and often times hosts psychics, authors & healers throughout the country.

She had brought another friend along for the journey and they both stayed at my home for a few days. This friend owns a spiritual shop as well and had decided to come along for the ride to check out other shops along the way, get new ideas and inspiration to bring home and hopefully revive her own store up north.

We had a great visit and spent many nights reliving past adventures together and talking about the future of our business as spiritual entrepreneurs. I also eagerly shared the details of my new program with them and explained how it will change the way spiritual leaders do business and put them in the forefront once again. I explained how important a digital presence is nowadays and that I had devised an easy to follow program that allows them to capture their spiritual message into a digital platform....

My friend is eager to begin her journey towards digital enlightenment and we have already recorded her first class, but her travel companion had a different reaction to the of FEAR! She said to me "I think it is a wonderful concept, but I'm afraid that if I digitize my products & services, no one will come in to my shop anymore and I'll have to close the doors"...WOW

A big ole' monkey wrench in my program - and at that moment, I was forced to ask myself, "What if she is not the only store owner with this fear? What can I create to help her and others with the same fear to help them move past it?

So, I went back to my program development and lost myself in the project for a couple of weeks! Here's what I came up with. She's right in a way....because no matter if she decides to digitize her products & services or not, It's the way that the world is moving and growing. EVERYTHING is done on a computer nowadays. Clients book their appointments online, look up addresses and phone numbers & so much more! Why not be a part of this movement, instead of sitting in fear and risk being left behind.

According to WikipediaPeople who practice New Age spirituality or who embrace its lifestyle are included in the Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) demographic market segment, currently in a growth phase, related to sustainable living, green ecological initiatives, and generally composed of a relatively affluent and well-educated segment. The LOHAS market segment in 2006 was estimated atUSD$300 billion, approximately 30 percent of the United States consumer market. According to The New York Times, a study by the Natural Marketing Institute showed that in 2000, 68 million Americans were included within the LOHAS demographic. The sociologist Paul H. Ray, who coined the term Cultural Creatives in his book The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World (2000), states, "What you're seeing is a demand for products of equal quality that are also virtuous.

Digitizing your products and services will put you in front of these 68-plus million Americans  so that you can share your message with them and provide your expertise both locally and globally!

So...I ask you:

Are you a spiritual based business owner, gifted psychic, healer and/or teacher who would like to step in front of a global audience?

Do you just know deep down inside that you could help create positive change in the world by sharing your message with millions of people?

Have you been called to service the masses during your blessed time here on earth – but you find yourself putting it off because you do not have the know-how to make it happen?

If you resonate with any (or all) of the above, then my new program could be the right fit for you! I want to help you create a digital platform that resonates with your unique gifts and helps express who you truly are as an expert...and my program is unlike any other - in fact, candidates are required to submit an application prior to approval into the program. This is to insure that I am only working with spiritual leaders with the best of intentions and the highest of integrity.

So what is your next step? You can sit quietly and watch while others in your field soar past you as fast as their modems will take them - or you can step into the digital limelight today.

Free report & Tutorial by: Michelle Meleo
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I truly want to make sure that this program is a good match for you and my free report is a great way to do that for both of us!

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Are you a Spiritual Leader or Consumer? I'd LOVE to hear your feedback on this article - please feel free to use the comment box to post a reply!

Wishing you much success and abundance!
 May your harvest be great,

Michelle Meleo
Psychic, Intuitive Hypnotist
& Inspirational Dream Facilitator