Friday, December 31, 2010


Mind Trip Productions

Contact: Michelle Meleo                          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Tel: (786) 463-8747

Join us as we help educate the masses that opportunity and success are frames of the mind that can be created by anyone at anytime

In January 2011, Mind Trip Productions and Quiet Harbor events will launch, what hopes to be, one of the most widely covered events of 2011 – Michelle & Gail will tour the United States, visiting a vast array of Holistic/New Age Expos, Local shops and spiritually driven people across the country! Their mission is to educate the masses that opportunity and success are frames of the mind that can be created by anyone at anytime and that once the tools required are set in place, that there are no limits to what can be accomplished! Every stop along the way, they will be asking (and answering) the same question...
"Where is your Mind Trip Taking you?"

The entire experience will be documented on video and weekly clips posted on you tube throughout the year, while they spread the news and help educate people about the importance of a positive mind to help conquer the thoughts that can hold us back from being who we truly are and hope to be.

Michelle and Gail are currently booking vendor space at events & expos as well as workshops & services at local centers/Shops & homes.

Where the Tour is going

January - Massachusetts & Upstate NY, February - Florida & North Carolina, March - Pennsylvania, Ohio & Arkansas, April - Missouri, Ohio & Vermont, May – Vermont, New Hampshire & Tennessee, June – Colorado, July – TBD, August – TBD, September & October – California, Arizona & New Mexico, November & December – TBD

How You Can Help

This may be the perfect opportunity for nationwide exposure for any of you who wish to sponsor The Mind Trip Tour while it's in your area. Sponsorship can include anything from offering a place for a hot shower, recommending local points of interest, Providing information on upcoming Health/Wellness/new Age expos, Hosting a class or workshop at your place of business or home or even making a donation towards the Journey.

Workshops, Services & Products Available

While on the road, Michelle and Gail have so much to share, including: Hypnosis Workshops, Hypnotically Guided Reiki Attunements, Numerology Workshops, Pendulum workshops, Private Hypnosis Sessions, Past Life Regression, Intuitive Readings (with the Pendulum & Tarot), Recording Studio/Digital Mastering & Publication Services, Event Promotion Services (web listings, email blasts & personalized promotional services), Self Hypnosis Recordings (CD and mp3 format), Personalized Hypnosis Recordings (CD and mp3 format),  Gemstones, Gemstone Pendulums & Gemstone Jewelry.

About Us

Michelle Meleo is an intuitive hypnotherapist, and inspirational public speaker. She is the former CEO of Beautiful Healing and founder of Mind Trip Productions. Michelle has been writing and recording her own work for over 10 years and has approximately 10,000 CD's sold worldwide. She is looking forward to learning about the differences and similarities in culture and beliefs across the country and hopes to meet those who have purchased her products throughout the years to hear their success stories. To learn more about Michelle and mind Trip Productions, visit her website at

Gail Frey is a well-known event coordinator/Promoter & intuitive healer, and will be coordinating most of the events along the way. She is the founder of Quiet Harbor Events & Wellness and Hosts well known holistic teachers like Ravi Ratan and the Peruvian Shamans. Gail is also a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher and will be traveling to Peru throughout some of the year to learn their language and more! She hopes to share some of the Peruvian healing techniques with you! To learn more about Gail and Quiet Harbor Events & Wellness, visit her website at

If you would like to Follow Michelle & Gail on this year long journey, visit the official tour website at:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Moment of Calm commercial

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Mind/Body Connection

I have spent the past few months listening. listening to the way we use our words to create our reality and I am amazed by how many of us use negative words and thoughts on a regular basis. What is the most used phrase? - you wonder :
 It's I Can't Stand...
I hear more people starting their sentences with this phrase. It can be used in many ways, for example. I hear everything from "I can't stand when you do that" to "I just can't stand it anymore". As you may know already, I am a hypnotherapist and most of my words are carefully selected and spoken. I have seen personally in my past and in others lives just how magnificent and obedient the human mind can be. 

I can't help but ask myself - "How many of these people suffer from poor circulation, sore feet and legs as a result of verbally expressing that they can't stand on a regular basis?" The subconscious mind is an amazing tool and when used properly, can create magnificent and sometimes even miraculous changes in the body. I have witnessed many of these miracles first hand by working with clients one on one. 

My most memorable mind/body miracle comes from one of my Hypnosis CD sales and is of one woman who had suffered from chronic pain for many years. She had spent most of her time bedridden and on pain medication and decided to purchase the Pain Relief hypnosis CD. by the end of week one, she was out of bed and experiencing a pain free life without the need for pain medication. WOW! This woman's experience is only one example of the amazing power of the mind and a great reminder that we must be careful what we think.

I have a recommendation for those of you who choose to use the "I can't stand..." sentence and would like to express dissatisfaction in a more healthy way. Starting today - and it will be easier than you think, simply replace those thing that you cannot stand with what you stand for. For example, if you cannot stand the how busy it is in the grocery line, you might be better off to make a stand to shop during the less busy time, or make a stand to help with your own bags. I personally like to stand tall and enjoy listening and watching those around me interact!

Here are some other body-mind play on words:

When you are/have:                                 You might be experiencing:

Sick to your stomach                               Something you cannot stomach
Tooth ache                                              Suppressed anger
Backache                                                Someone's on your back
Sore Neck                                              Someone who is a pain in the neck
Sore Shoulders/Arms                              A heavy burden

So the next time your body is hurting you, take some time out to think about it... Think about where the pain is coming from and what it means to you. Your body might be acting out what you've been telling it on a regular basis and if it is, change you thought patterns immediately!


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Be well,

Monday, February 22, 2010

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Michelle Meleo

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mind Trip on Facebook

Facebook is an amazing way for small businesses to reach a large number of potential customers in one small space. Mind Trip Productions has been on Facebook for merely two weeks now and already has generated almost 100 fans!

Thank you to all of you who have given me inspiration to continue to follow my dream and accomplish my goal of sending positive, life changing messages to the world.
That said, I would like to touch on the most recent activity to the Mind Trip Page and my response.

MT recap: One of the page's fans had posted some opinions about the page that were less than encouraging. The poster stated that "the page sucked" and he did not like corporate rip offs, along with a couple more negative posts. My close friends and a few followers contacted me with their concerns for me and my work - asking me to remove the negative publicity.


My message is clear - sending positive, life changing messages to the world! and my reason for this goal/message is because...and here's what may be a BIG wake up call for some of you... life is not always sunshine and lollipops and people are not always going to be nice to you!!!
It is how you respond to these small insignificant events that truly make you who you are.
I am excited, thrilled even, that this person has brought me a challenge! (a challenge to create a page that doesn't suck for him ).

I am also glad to know that my efforts to create a great business name and professional looking product has been successful thus far - This poster thinks that I am a CORPORATION!!! wow wee! - If this is what one person (along with a fantastic logo designed by my brother Derek Meleo) and much inspiration from you can do...Imagine what Mind Trip Productions will bring to you as a real corporation! (aside from the rip off part)

Now on to the "this page sucks" part... I believe that most of peoples problems with their life, the world and in this case, other peoples facebook pages sucking, begins in the mind. Have I confused you yet?? In other words, If you are constantly looking for troubles, troubles will come your way! It REALLY is that simple. If you instead look for solutions(which I do), it gives you the tools you need to better deal with the people who are looking for troubles. Better yet, If I can help someone to look more for solutions than troubles, I have succeeded in my goals!

Dear Troubled Mind Trip Poster:
What can we do to help turn this around for you?
What exactly was it that made you feel that my page was less than excellent for you?
Were you expecting something else? Or maybe you are looking for help with a specific subject that I haven't touched on yet?
Did you think that having this link on your profile would really make you cooler? Or are you a lonely person looking for any type of interaction that you can get?

I remember this one time when I was a teenager and I came to my mother in a rage - over a shirt that didn't look fantastic on me. I ranted and raved about how much this shirt sucked... and how the store had ripped me off by making me think it was going to be a cool shirt. My mother said to me "If you don't like it, where another shirt that you DO like". The trouble was (and I was just looking for troubles at that time in my life) that I wanted to wear THAT shirt...and I wanted it to look awesome on me! My disappointment of my own perception of how this shirt was going to look, ruined my entire day and probably my mothers day as well. Today, I just change the shirt - It's much easier!

To those of you who DO enjoy Mind Trip Productions facebook page and DO use some of the tips. Please post your satisfaction on my page and to those of you who are still looking for the big UH HA! I challenge you to be pro-active and ask for it - demand it even!

Until then... Be Well,