Monday, March 29, 2010

The Mind/Body Connection

I have spent the past few months listening. listening to the way we use our words to create our reality and I am amazed by how many of us use negative words and thoughts on a regular basis. What is the most used phrase? - you wonder :
 It's I Can't Stand...
I hear more people starting their sentences with this phrase. It can be used in many ways, for example. I hear everything from "I can't stand when you do that" to "I just can't stand it anymore". As you may know already, I am a hypnotherapist and most of my words are carefully selected and spoken. I have seen personally in my past and in others lives just how magnificent and obedient the human mind can be. 

I can't help but ask myself - "How many of these people suffer from poor circulation, sore feet and legs as a result of verbally expressing that they can't stand on a regular basis?" The subconscious mind is an amazing tool and when used properly, can create magnificent and sometimes even miraculous changes in the body. I have witnessed many of these miracles first hand by working with clients one on one. 

My most memorable mind/body miracle comes from one of my Hypnosis CD sales and is of one woman who had suffered from chronic pain for many years. She had spent most of her time bedridden and on pain medication and decided to purchase the Pain Relief hypnosis CD. by the end of week one, she was out of bed and experiencing a pain free life without the need for pain medication. WOW! This woman's experience is only one example of the amazing power of the mind and a great reminder that we must be careful what we think.

I have a recommendation for those of you who choose to use the "I can't stand..." sentence and would like to express dissatisfaction in a more healthy way. Starting today - and it will be easier than you think, simply replace those thing that you cannot stand with what you stand for. For example, if you cannot stand the how busy it is in the grocery line, you might be better off to make a stand to shop during the less busy time, or make a stand to help with your own bags. I personally like to stand tall and enjoy listening and watching those around me interact!

Here are some other body-mind play on words:

When you are/have:                                 You might be experiencing:

Sick to your stomach                               Something you cannot stomach
Tooth ache                                              Suppressed anger
Backache                                                Someone's on your back
Sore Neck                                              Someone who is a pain in the neck
Sore Shoulders/Arms                              A heavy burden

So the next time your body is hurting you, take some time out to think about it... Think about where the pain is coming from and what it means to you. Your body might be acting out what you've been telling it on a regular basis and if it is, change you thought patterns immediately!


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