Friday, August 24, 2012

Your Four Steps to Success - Workbook is now published!!

Your Four Steps to Success - Workbook

By: Michelle Meleo

I am thrilled to announce the recent publication of ...
"Your Four Steps to Success - Workbook"
I have witnessed life changing results in my personal practice, from working these steps with my clients and now you can experience your own personal success from the convenience of home!
Following this four step program is by far the most effective way to fast track your way to personal success. Whether you'd like to create success in your relationships, work or health, you must first have a plan or program in place. "Your Four Steps to Success"-Workbook follows four basic steps to creating a successful outcome and 
YOU CAN ACHIEVE THIS IN AS LITTLE AS ONE MONTH! As you work your personal success program, the workbook walks you through easily; providing tips and guidance on how to use the tools suggested!
The tools:
Hypnosis/Deep Meditation
Vibrational/Energy therapies

Learn how to shift your thoughts and personal vibration that you send out into the world, by releasing old beliefs and creating a new foundation that manifests SUCCESS!

This workbook accompanies my upcoming book "Your Four Steps to Success" which will be published soon...
get a jump start towards your personal success and order now! I am so sure that his program can help you that I am taking a loss right out of the gate!! Purchase today - and I'll forfeit my commission on the sale...that's right!
I am so confident for your success that, for the next two weeks, I'm selling copies for only $12.99!
(estimated delivery date - Sept. 15th 2012)


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THREE lucky people will also be chosen to participate in the four step online video course!
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I also invite you to join in our pre-launch party on facebook, where I'll be providing tips and answering any questions that you might have. To join us, click the facebook link below, or join me on twitter so to receive updates!

There is so much more to come with this amazing program and I was going to keep it secret and surprise you, but I just can't hold it any longer!!!
At some point during the pre-launch party on facebook...I'll be giving away the four mp3's that accompany the book and workbook, as well as discounts on the Cd's and a FREE copy of the book!
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Whew! that was quite a mouthful, but as you can see, I am very excited about sharing this with you and look forward to assisting you
"to the top of the stairs"
May you find success in all that you set out to do!
Be well,