Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mind Trip on Facebook

Facebook is an amazing way for small businesses to reach a large number of potential customers in one small space. Mind Trip Productions has been on Facebook for merely two weeks now and already has generated almost 100 fans!

Thank you to all of you who have given me inspiration to continue to follow my dream and accomplish my goal of sending positive, life changing messages to the world.
That said, I would like to touch on the most recent activity to the Mind Trip Page and my response.

MT recap: One of the page's fans had posted some opinions about the page that were less than encouraging. The poster stated that "the page sucked" and he did not like corporate rip offs, along with a couple more negative posts. My close friends and a few followers contacted me with their concerns for me and my work - asking me to remove the negative publicity.


My message is clear - sending positive, life changing messages to the world! and my reason for this goal/message is because...and here's what may be a BIG wake up call for some of you... life is not always sunshine and lollipops and people are not always going to be nice to you!!!
It is how you respond to these small insignificant events that truly make you who you are.
I am excited, thrilled even, that this person has brought me a challenge! (a challenge to create a page that doesn't suck for him ).

I am also glad to know that my efforts to create a great business name and professional looking product has been successful thus far - This poster thinks that I am a CORPORATION!!! wow wee! - If this is what one person (along with a fantastic logo designed by my brother Derek Meleo) and much inspiration from you can do...Imagine what Mind Trip Productions will bring to you as a real corporation! (aside from the rip off part)

Now on to the "this page sucks" part... I believe that most of peoples problems with their life, the world and in this case, other peoples facebook pages sucking, begins in the mind. Have I confused you yet?? In other words, If you are constantly looking for troubles, troubles will come your way! It REALLY is that simple. If you instead look for solutions(which I do), it gives you the tools you need to better deal with the people who are looking for troubles. Better yet, If I can help someone to look more for solutions than troubles, I have succeeded in my goals!

Dear Troubled Mind Trip Poster:
What can we do to help turn this around for you?
What exactly was it that made you feel that my page was less than excellent for you?
Were you expecting something else? Or maybe you are looking for help with a specific subject that I haven't touched on yet?
Did you think that having this link on your profile would really make you cooler? Or are you a lonely person looking for any type of interaction that you can get?

I remember this one time when I was a teenager and I came to my mother in a rage - over a shirt that didn't look fantastic on me. I ranted and raved about how much this shirt sucked... and how the store had ripped me off by making me think it was going to be a cool shirt. My mother said to me "If you don't like it, where another shirt that you DO like". The trouble was (and I was just looking for troubles at that time in my life) that I wanted to wear THAT shirt...and I wanted it to look awesome on me! My disappointment of my own perception of how this shirt was going to look, ruined my entire day and probably my mothers day as well. Today, I just change the shirt - It's much easier!

To those of you who DO enjoy Mind Trip Productions facebook page and DO use some of the tips. Please post your satisfaction on my page and to those of you who are still looking for the big UH HA! I challenge you to be pro-active and ask for it - demand it even!

Until then... Be Well,