Wednesday, August 5, 2009

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Hello -

My name is Michelle Meleo and this is my very first, of what hopes to be many, blog posts!

I am A certified clinical Hypnotherapist (I help create positive change in the subconscious by "talking" a new language to the mind). To some, this may seem unfathomable - how can you make drastic changes in your life simply by thinking a new way?

Here's my take on the subject:
Mass Hypnosis

What if, the current financial status of our country is a direct result of our "thinking" we are in a financial crisis?
Think about that for a moment...

First, we see a special report - based on some statistic from an expert in the financial field. This expert has been studying the Countries finances for what seems to be a lifetime and has released a report which states that our Country is heading for another major depression and he/she truly believes this to be true...and we start to wonder.

A couple of months pass and people are talking. "Did you see that special report that said we are heading for a major depression? I took all of my money out of the stock market, just in case". This results in a small drop in stocks, which in turn results in more people taking their money out...until the stock market is so low, that another expert - the Stock Market expert - schedules a press conference to discuss the upcoming financial depression.

The very next month, a couple of large corporations file for bankruptcy and begin to downsize. After all, these large corporations depend on the stock market to stay in business - it is their funding source. We do not realize that though, as more than half of the country begins to believe that America is heading for financial problems and it is all over the news. Corporations downsize and people become unemployed. The unemployment rate rises and a new report is dispatched to the people
- The Unemployment report-

Our president is concerned (now the president believes that the country is in trouble) and schedules a press conference in order to let the people know that he has put together a plan to help out those who lose their house as a result of the financial crisis. Meanwhile, unemployment rates rise...people begin to cut back on spending and some smaller businesses are beginning to close their doors.

By the end of the year the middle class American does not have enough income to cover their mortgage payment, bringing the foreclosure rate to an all time high....

Did this all happen because we "chose" to believe a report one year earlier?

I believe it did

We have the ability to talk ourselves into and out of anything at any time. In fact, I have witnessed many a "miracle" in others lives, based on their personal experiences with hypnotherapy treatments. These people had spent so much time believing that there was no way out of their situation, that they literally created a constant state of misery. After a few "mind trips" to the subconscious, the negative state had been reversed and the person began to realize new options and a brighter outlook. This almost immediately caused a new and more positive state of awareness.

The reason for this is because, when you believe in any one thing for so long that it has become embedded into your subconscious, it can't help but manifest itself in everyday life. And when you embed a new/better belief directly into the subconscious, it can't help but manifest itself immediately!

My Challenge to you:

I invite you to step out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to experience the wondrous results of believing in yourself. Lets create together, a new state of mind - a new Mass Hypnosis -
Here's a simple "mind trip" for you to experience : Change the Chanel - stay away from the news for one full week(this includes TV, Radio and Newspaper) and fill that time creating something new instead- you can read, watch and/or listen to media products that inspire you towards one specific goal.

My Dedication to you:

It is my intention to provide you with all the information and tools that you can use in order to create a new mind set. A mindset with a positive outlook and a mindset that creates joy and abundance.

I invite you to share your thoughts with me in this blog, or through email.

I also have a website that is packed with information and self help products.

I thank you for taking the time to read my blog - It is my honor and privilege.

Be well,

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